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The Story Under The Name Sophie’s

Sometimes there are people in your life that contribute so much to building your character as a person, that you can never forget their mark on your life, even after they have passed from this world. For me, this person is my late Aunt Sofía, which translates to “Sophie” in English.


Sophie raised me until I was 16. Every day I lived with her, I got to witness her entrepreneurial spirit and steadfast work ethic. She instilled in me the values, respect and love for others that still influence me to this day. These lessons only grow stronger in my mind and heart as the years pass by.


Although I was only her nephew, I always felt like a son and wanted to preserve her memory in some way in my life. Knowing that her principles greatly helped my family and I move up in life, I decided to honor her by creating Sophie’s Cleaning Services. With Sophie’s, I feel that I can continue spreading her legacy of hard work, love and high standards of excellence with every client I serve. She may be gone today, but I will never forget Sophie for the rest of my life.


Never forget, here at Sophie’s Cleaning Services, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We invite you to enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes in knowing your cleaning needs are being perfectly handled by a professional, bonded and insured housekeeping service who has been doing business for over 5 years.

We offer flexible hours, reasonable rates, and we provide our own cleaning equipment. Contact us today for a free estimate for cleaning services in DMV Area.

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